National Urban Livelihoods Mission (NULM), a centrally sponsored scheme has been launched in Kerala as a continuation to the erstwhile Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana (SJSRY) to alleviate poverty and vulnerability of the urban poor. Kudumbashree Mission is selected as the Nodal Agency for implementation of the project in the state. Executive Director of Kudumbashree is functioning as the State Mission Director of NULM. State Mission Management Unit has been set up to support the mission director in implementation of the project. Likewise City Mission Management Units have been set up in all the selected cities.  The implementation of National Urban Livelihoods Mission at the State level has to be managed by a two-tier structure – A Governing Council and an Executive Committee. As per guidelines, NULM will have a Governing Council chaired by the Chief Minister of the State and an Executive Committee chaired by the Chief Secretary of the State. The existing Governing Body and Executive Committee of Kudumbashree is entrusted to act as the Governing Council and Executive Committee of DAY-NULM. At the city level, DAY-NULM will be managed by an Executive Committee chaired by the Mayor/Chairman of the ULB and the same has been constituted in all the 14 DAY-NULM cities.

Who is an Urban poor?

A family residing in an urban area with an annual income less than Rs 50,000 is considered an urban poor in Kerala and is eligible for all benefits under DAY-NULM. 

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