Dress code:- A proper dress code has a social significance and can change the outlook of a student, besides it will project a professional image to them. With this in view we have evolved a dress code for boys and girls. Boys should wear black pants and sky blue shirts stitched as per specimen given from the college. The boys should tuck in their shirts and should wear white socks and black shoes while attending the campus.

The girls should wear black bottoms and sky blue top and black over coat.


ID cards shall be issued to the students at the time of admission. They are supposed to put on the cards in the institution premises and produce it on demand till the completion of course. Students who are not in proper uniforms/ without ID cards shall not be allowed in the class

College Time : Considering various factors like traffic jam in the city of Calicut the working time of the college shall be from 9.30 AM to 4 PM on all days except on second Saturdays, Sundays and National/ Kerala state Govt. holidays. The students should mark their by bio metric system or such other system as provided by the management from time to time.